• Winner - Aaliyah Taylor

    Aaliyah Taylor is the designer behind Exalting in Beauty, a brand built on non-conformity and freedom. The goal behind every design is to lead every person to feel unique and beautifully different in all that she creates. Everything is designed with the purpose to bring joy and to enhance and exalt the unique beauty of God’s creation.

    “I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to bring to fruition a dream once shelved. Participating in MCFW is a chance for me to take risks and embrace the freedom of a fashion designer!"

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  • Julie Maeseele

    Julie Maeseele is a progressive and ethical fashion label that proudly creates made-to-order apparel in limited edition, featuring recycled materials and surplus textiles.

    Every garment is hand-cut and machine-sewn using single-needle fine tailoring and is built to last. It is a mix of old and new- traditional  techniques with a contemporary attitude. Made in Alabama.

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  • Pyper Gilbert

    Pyper is the owner and designer of the Pyper Collection. Her brand creates a space for art, architecture and design to meet. They love creating and designing 1/1 garments, haute’ couture, RTW and Streetwear.

    Creating trends, embracing the culture and reinventing fashion. Exclusive innovative items created or handpicked for you designed for the future.

    “We are the future of fashion…I have officially accepted the opportunity to compete in MCFW SZN IV Emerging Designer competition.”

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  • James O. White

    James O White is a native of Mississippi who started his fashion career when he couldn’t find things in the store that fit him. His brand name is simply JOW. JOW is a company with many different divisions. The division of Fashion is unique. JOW specializes in evening wear with a touch of culture and upscale silhouettes. It renews the passion of dressing up with fashion and flair, enjoying an elegant, luxury evening.

    “Never give up on your dreams and goals of becoming who you are. I plan to showcase this at MCFW in all of it's glory.”

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  • Darryl Peoples

    Darryl Peoples is the founder and designer of Heru Ra Creations, a company through which he creates his designs and collaborates with other fashion designers. He creates timeless and fashion-forward designs inspired by his own joys and struggles in life. His purpose is to inspire and motivate people to create and follow their passion in life whether through fashion, art, or any other mediums of creativity.

    The impetus behind Darryl’s work is mental health awareness. Therefore, he uses fashion to bring light out of dark situations.

    “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try!”

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  • Rachel Reilly

    Rachel Reilly’s brand is upcycled glam. She finds existing fabrics and pieces of used clothing and discarded fabrics to make new pieces. Rachel loves sequins glitter and unique fabrics.

    “I can’t wait to put on a show and create pieces that will really showcase my work. I love that you require using recycled fabrics. That the event promotes sustainability & responsibility in fashion!”

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