Spring your Wardrobe Forward

Spring your Wardrobe Forward

Riding on the waves of our kick-off, let’s dive into some sustainable Spring fashions as we celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month! 

So far, this Spring weather has been less than predictable! Here in the South, we have had our share of tornadoes, 24-hour cold snaps, windy conditions, sunshine days, and of course, April showers. We have run the gamut of Spring weather possibilities which makes deciding what to wear tricky. Some days it’s toes out, and some days comfy athleisure. Yet it is still early in the season, so we should prepare what to wear when we go outside! If you’re having trouble figuring it out, maybe it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and consider transitional pieces. 

To spruce up your closet create a capsule wardrobe! Wardrobe consultant and author Susie Faux introduced the idea of a capsule wardrobe in the 1970s. It contains essential, well-made items that are interchangeable yet spur your creativity to make or remake new outfits with each wear. The clothing should fit your current size and lifestyle (but I say there’s nothing wrong with a few goal items, especially if you are working on your summer body!) A capsule wardrobe encourages sustainability because you should shop less and get more wear out of your closet finds. Goodonyou.eco created a list of items to include:

  • short and long sleeve tees 
  • tops and blouses
  • sweaters or cardigans
  • denim jacket (a great spring basic)
  • dresses and skirts
  • comfortable jeans and pants
  • socks and tights
  • short pajamas
  • shoes (loafers, sneakers, boots for a rock vibe)
  • neutral belt
  • cute bag
  • sunglasses and hat

If, by chance, you toss some of these items for more loungewear, shop small and shop local! This list does not specify colors or patterns, so have fun! Consider sourcing items from your local thrift store or consignment shop. Support thrift resellers like Sonja Jones of Chic Gems Thirfted, who finds the most notable and classic pieces to complete your wardrobe, and upcycler and reimagine Leslie Gomez of Trynabstudios that gives you that distinct, one-of-kind piece that mixes old elements to create new styles. Buy shopping local and buying thirfted pieces, your wardrobe will become uniquely you. 

If closet shopping is more satisfactory to your wallet, layering and transitional pieces are your best bet this season. Birmingham stylist Ashanti Jasper (IG: @styles_by_marsha) offers, “Transitional pieces can be a huge lifesaver when it comes to saving a coin or two! The key is to buy a few items, and I mean a few, to mix in with your current winter wardrobe. The rule to transitional dressing is not to overthink it. Ditch your strictly winter items, and you’re set to go!” Creating a capsule wardrobe is expressing your signature style. As the seasons change, this is the perfect time to examine your closet, select items you could build from, and decide what to layer. When you are ready to incorporate your sun-loving pieces, choose what suits your current body, throw on your favorite sweater or blazer, and head out. 

Fashion does not have to be as hard as we make it. We create emotional attachments to clothing based on how it makes us look and feel and what happens when we wear that something special. However, don’t stay boxed in based on a particular color or style, especially now, as the seasons change. Spring is freshness, green, renewal, refreshing, and energizing. Use the life this season gives, and in the words of DKG, Make a statement. Make a splash. Our Earth will thank you! 

Give love. Get love. 

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