Season IV Kick-off: Recycled Runway

Season IV Kick-off: Recycled Runway

On April 1, 2022, the world will witness the birth of an artistic explosion. Magic City Fashion Week and the Birmingham Museum of Art have teamed together for the kick-off of Season IV! We are ready to show the world sustainable, upcycled fashion from local clothing boutiques and designers. The inaugural event celebrates the unique, sustainable work of the city’s youth!

The Birmingham Museum of Art has set the stage, rolled out the red carpet, and mic checked 1-2, 1-2. Because the BMA believes in the power of human expression through art, it makes sense that MCFW is allowed to celebrate fashion as an interactive art form. Since 1951, BMA established an education platform for adults and children to learn about cultures, eras, and the world at large. This year, MCFW seeks to educate children, adults, and lovers of art in any form about the importance of sustainability through fashion. The museum hopes that supporting artists who use sustainable materials will educate the community about the broader impact of using upcycled materials. 

Don’t be a fool and miss the mashup! Presented by from the hearts of Lillis Taylor and Ms. Annie Bryant, their love of fashion and experience with textiles and sewing created the crafting nucleus, Bib & Tucker. Their 5th Recycled Runway is sure to feed your creativity. Daniel Grier of SplashedbyDKG and Lacey Woodruff of a basic shop saw an opportunity to salute the next generation. Recycled Runway: On the Mend fits the brief because 14 middle and high school students will unveil their repurposed designs. The creatives were allowed to interpret mend in their way - whether adding patches or embroidery to repurposed products or repairing broken or cracked places in their worlds. We are eager about their designs and to hear their artist statements. 

We are all expressionist artists because we are visual first. Shopping local and in your closet, researching brands that use ethically-sourced materials, or even learning how to sew/mend your clothing reduces your environmental footprint and allows you to create your own art form. MCFW seeks to cause a stir and elevate your understanding of sustainability. 


Give love. Get love. 

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