Matches Made in Heaven

Matches Made in Heaven

Valentine’s Day is here! A celebration of LOVE! Whether you’re in a relationship with someone significant or with yourself, make a statement because the world is watching!

Today on the blog, we will discuss pairs, duos, and maybe even some opposites that attract. 

First on the block is MCFW + BMA. I know you all are as excited as we are for A Different World and the Emerging Designer Runway collaboration. Fashion is wearable art. Your body is the canvas, and people interpret you based on how you color, paint, sculpt or draw anything you choose to wear. Leave the people guessing OR expecting you to give them YOU! 

My next offering is Queen Bey + Adidas. If you are a member of the Bey Hive or a fan of Adidas, Ivy Park has been the pairing that we, the people, didn’t even know we needed. Since her 1st drop in 2016, Beyoncé's initial buzz was created by gifting celebrities and influencers with boxes/clothing chests containing mini wardrobe. Since then, the label has released a cowboy-themed line, a collab with the popular exercise bike, Peloton, a preppy drop, and most recently, Ivy Heart, just in time for this season of LOVE! Who could have known that the shell-toed icy white sneakers made popular by Run DMC in the 80s would evolve to such an exclusive status! What will Bey think of next?!?

Taking a slight shift, one of my favorite pairings is denim on denim! Even though these pandemic pounds have created a love-hate relationship between me and jeans, I love a great denim shirt or jacket with a comfy or figure-flattering pair of jeans. Regardless of how my weight fluctuates, my denim jacket will never betray me. I appreciate the shades, styles, lengths, and stretch denim offers! For me, the softer, the better! 

One trend that initially received frowns and scowls but has evolved into acceptable is sneakers with a tux or dress. I must admit that this one had to grow on me, but since my feet are currently on strike from heels, I am grateful that sneakers have evolved in such a way that pairing with a dress can be just as jazzy as pair of 4-inch stilettos. Converse, Pumas, Jordan's, or a luxury branch such as Balenciaga have all released offerings that make seam-stripped suits and tulle-layered gowns very stylish. However, if heels and oxfords are your preferential pairing, by all means, do you!

What pair do you enjoy? Peanut butter and jelly? Rihanna and A$AP Rocky? Florals with stripes?? Hugs and kisses? Chime in!!

Give love. Get love. 

Valerie T. Jones, the ready writer

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Love this! Great read! you so right about a good denim jacket…it will never betray you!

Daniel Grier

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