Leader of the New School: Caléchie

Leader of the New School: Caléchie

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In the ever-shifting landscape of fashion, where one either stands for something or falls for anything, there exists a collective of creators who act as pioneers in redefining the industry. Among them stands Caléchie, an illustrious designer from the heart of the Magic City. With designs gracing global icons like Beyoncé, Ciara, Summer Walker, Coco Jones, Queen Naija, Jordyn Woods and more, Caléchie isn't just transforming fashion; he's spearheading a movement of Southern design and innovation, empowering creatives to believe that “fashion” and “The South” can be used in conjunction with one another. 

"I think the most important part of my journey to growing my brand has been staying true to my design aesthetic and having a unique approach to design," Caléchie reflects, his words carrying the weight of experience. "I always strive to do what everyone else is not doing so that my work stands out." 

Summer Walker

His philosophy echoes through his creations, each piece an intricate testament to his commitment to originality. In a world where imitation is commonplace, Caléchie's designs are a breath of fresh air, a vision of his unwavering dedication to the craft.

Caléchie's journey took him to New York City, where he fine-tuned his skills and absorbed the essence of high fashion. Yet, the allure of his roots tugged him back to Birmingham, not as a retreat, but as a renaissance. 


"After moving to NY and acquiring the skill sets that I needed to bring my designs to life, I felt that I could grow my brand and business in any city. Therefore, I decided to move back to my hometown of Birmingham, AL to grow my brand in familiar surroundings," he shares. 

This homecoming wasn't a regression; it was an assertion of his belief in his unique perspective, an oasis of authenticity amidst the desert of conformity. While many leave the city behind in their pursuit of excellence, Calèchie brought his excellence to Birmingham, serving as a piece to the puzzle of fashion in The South. 

Queen Naija

"In familiar surroundings, I can be more authentic to my unique design approach without outside inspiration from other notable brands," Caléchie emphasizes. 

His decision wasn't just about geographical preference; it was about nurturing a creative environment where his designs could flourish without the gravitational pull of trends. Back in Birmingham, he discovered a sanctuary where he could nurture his craft, free from outside distractions.

Coco Jones

Participating in Magic City Fashion Week (MCFW) as the winner of season two not only amplified Caléchie's work, but forged connections with local talents who shared his passion. 

"Being a part of MCFW has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many talented local designers who I admire," he reflects. "I know the future of fashion in Birmingham is bright and full of potential as I am continuously blown away by the MCFW presentations every year." 


Caléchie's presence at MCFW not only elevates his brand but contributes to a movement of innovation and diversity in Southern fashion, painting a vivid picture of what is to come while embodying a core commitment to empowerment.

"I've always strived to create clothes for strong, powerful women," he affirms. His designs are more than mere fabric; they are a symbol of strength and self-assuredness, an extension of the women who grace them. 

Jordyn WoodsJordyn Woods

"I am honestly so grateful for all of my clients and I think that they are all incredible. This has taught me to always stay true to my design aesthetic and what I believe in," he adds. 

In a market saturated with conformity, Caléchie's designs emerge as vessels of creativity. "I definitely agree that the fashion market is severely oversaturated. However, I feel that God has blessed me with a unique eye that allows my work to still capture the attention of the world," he shares. His creations meld unconventional materials and abstract design details, setting him apart as a true visionary. As a poignant testament to his influence, even larger brands have found inspiration in his collections.

To aspiring designers, Caléchie imparts his hard-earned wisdom, encapsulating his journey:

• Be unique, there are so many brands for consumers to choose from…make yours stand out.

• Set trends, don’t follow them.

• Trust your gut and be authentic.

Caléchie's journey isn't just a narrative of fashion; it's a chronicle of tenacity, originality, and the redefinition of Southern style. As he continues to chart his path, he empowers us to envision a future of fashion where the Southern flair isn't confined by tradition but is guided by innovation, where the leaders of the new school like him set the standards that others aspire to follow.

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Photos courtesy of Caléchie



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