It's a Sustainable World!

It's a Sustainable World!

Birmingham showed up and showed out!! SZN IV is here! The Birmingham Museum of Art was the perfect partnership for the premiere presentations of Leslie Gomez’s TrynaB Studios and Bib & Tucker’s Recycled Runway. It was indeed A Different World. Flip-up shades, Hillman College paraphernalia, and buckets hats were in abundance! Luckily, I created an appropriate outfit with clothing in my closet! It was a sustainable win for me!!


There was an overflow of eyes present to support Art After 5 and the fabulousness of the fashion. Patrons were able to peruse the museum's vast collections and create the ever-populate Dwayne Waye flip-up glasses and nostalgic friendship bracelets, and jam to the classic tunes brought by DJ Supreme. Interestingly, several people were pleasantly surprised by the fashion show!

Magic City Fashion Show SNZ IV exploded into 2022! Leslie Gomez is such an incredible talent! Her combinations, cuts, and correction of clothing were so creatively crafted. The upcycled fashions she showcased were an invitation to be uniquely you! What an impressive inaugural show. Gomez testified on how you can take a little and do a lot. She set the stage for the talented middle and high school students of the Recycled Runway: On the Mend. 

The fashion community of Birmingham is in prolific, ingenious hands. Bib & Tucker designed an atmosphere for a handful of students from around the city to express individualism and originality. They not only sewed clothes but also offered suggestions on how to mend as human beings and how to work together as a unit. Their 5th year’s showing was extremely impressive because it showed how important it is to give back to our community and youth. 

Nothing and everything that happened Friday night were possible without dynamic leadership and dedicated support. Daniel Grier, Lacey Woodruff, and Viola Ratcliffe are powerful individually but were able to join forces, influence, and talents to kick off season four in the most enticing way. Be on the lookout for what’s coming in June!

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