It's a Different World!

It's a Different World!

We are a week away from kick-off to Season IV of Magic City Fashion Week! We are so fortunate to collaborate with the Birmingham Museum of Art and their Art After 5: A Different World event! Prepare for Bib & Tucker’s 5th Annual Recycle Runaway: On the Mend showcasing middle and high students’ upcycled designs. The Museum encourages all those in attendance to promote sustainable fashion in vintage 80s and 90s style. 

A Different World is an icon tv show of the late 80s, early 90s. It is a fan favorite because of how it introduced the world to life as a student at a fictional historically black college. It was a show about love, friendship, and black joy while trying to earn a college degree and deal with real-life issues like homelessness, alcoholism, rape, HIV, racial tension, and being politically aware. It was also a weekly display of the latest pair of Jordan’s and various women’s fashions, from hippie to bougie. 

We all know the adage, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Making old new again is what is so incredible about fashion. Technology has afforded us the ability to see what was popular 10 or 20 years ago. You can be a sustainable, trendy consumer by shopping for your A Different World look at your local thrift store or even your closet! You can also shop local with thrift reseller Chic Gems for your Whitley Gilbert-inspired outfit. Birmingham fashion consultant Whitney Brantley says gingham, highlighter marker colors, and crochet are some of the trends for the Spring. A great time to be on trend with a nod to the 80s & 90s at the same time! SplashedbyDKG has 2022 Dwayne Wayne denim bucket hats and boots that would make Freddie Brooks drool!


Being sustainable isn’t just about reliving or reviving the past by recycling old trends. Sustainability is about our present and our future. Humans naturally consume, but we should also save and replenish to sustain, strengthen, prolong, affirm, uphold ourselves, our wallets, communities, and closets. We should aim to find creative ways to preserve the beauty around us by researching brands and designers who are zero-waste-driven. Shopping small and local circulates our dollar within our communities and allows us to be conscious consumers. Attending the Art After 5/MCFW Kick-off will be not only fun but also educational, motivational, and inspirational! Register for this event of the season today! 

Give love. Get love. 

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