Fashioning Dreams in the Magic City

Fashioning Dreams in the Magic City

In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, Magic City Fashion Week has been at the center of a captivating journey over the past year. Our 501c3 nonprofit organization has aimed to kindle the spirit of the fashion community by curating a series of engaging events and initiatives. These endeavors have vividly colored the Southern fashion landscape – from the electric community of Creatives Night Out to the empowering experiences at our Model and Sewing Workshops, each gathering represented a stroke of creativity on our canvas. The continuity offered by our weekly newsletter, 'What the Fashion,' and 'The Splash' distinctly portrayed our commitment to nurturing passion, innovation, and community within the realm of style.

We invite you to join us in reflecting on the remarkable milestones and stories shared by the remarkable individuals who have contributed to this vibrant tapestry of achievements.

With the rise in popularity of social media as a means of connection, community exists in both physical and digital landscapes. In March of 2023, the weekly newsletter was born to foster this sense of community found in one’s inbox. Every single Friday since then, a personal email has been sent out to Magic City Fashion Week’s audience, seeking to give them opportunities for involvement in Birmingham’s fashion scene, insight into current events, and ways to embrace their style sustainably. 

When I first began working Public Relations for Magic City Fashion Week I was laser focused on making sure the appropriate media coverage was attained for any and all creatives associated within the program but my role became so much more. Public Relations became a way of connecting communities that had much more in common than they even imagined. Fostering these connections helped build our community. Keeping a constant message out to the masses was pivotal as we developed the programming around MCFW. That’s important to keep the community engaged all the while telling a story about the creatives , about sustainability and how we all can be conscious consumers. These became a part of our core goals,” said Keicia Shanta, Communications Director for MCFW.

To further cultivate community from a digital perspective, “What the Fashion” launched during the summer of 2023 as a way to encourage creative conversation and shine a spotlight on the talented individuals in Birmingham and beyond. Through engaging Instagram Live segments on Thursday evenings, viewers were able to seek inspiration, wisdom, and motivation directly from models, designers, creatives, and other influential figures in the fashion industry, enriching their own creative endeavors. This innovative initiative not only provided a platform for showcasing the diverse pool of talent but also fostered an interactive space where aspiring fashion enthusiasts could actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and gain invaluable insights into the industry's workings. These sessions served as more than just showcases; they were dynamic forums fostering connections, empowering emerging talents, and nurturing a sense of camaraderie within the broader fashion community, transcending geographical boundaries and promoting a collective spirit of creativity and growth.

“My experience with What The Fashion was amazing. I love the energy of their team. They were very kind, supportive and attentive. Grateful that people can see the vision. As an artist, sharing the vision with others is one of the most important things we need to know how to do. Having a good understanding of your vision and knowing how to share it puts us in the advantage when it comes to gaining the trust of the people. And that’s why they support and buy the products. Trust me you can have the best product of the world but without communicating it correctly, it would never have the impact it should have. People always dab you up and even start keeping an eye when you can communicate efficiently. And that’s how you grow as a designer,” Gabriel Marrero, one of the guests on ‘What the Fashion’, said. 

The creative endeavors that were further inspired by “What the Fashion” did not only exist within the parameters of a social media platform, but they were further supported through Model and Sewing workshops hosted by Magic City Fashion Week. 

The Legendary Model Academy marks the organization's commitment to preparing models for thriving careers in the dynamic realm of modeling, while also preparing them for the upcoming seasons of their careers. Comprising three core components—Editorials, Runway, and Professional Etiquette—the program offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at shaping well-rounded professionals. This unique initiative ensures participants receive personalized guidance through exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions led by esteemed industry experts and artists, aligning with the individualized goals set at the program's onset. Within this innovative framework, aspiring models can anticipate an array of invaluable benefits, encompassing portfolio refinement, insights into contracts, strategies for securing modeling gigs, collaborative opportunities, network expansion within the fashion community, mentorship from industry leaders, personalized coaching, constructive critiques, national exposure, brand development, and inclusion in prestigious industry directories. The Legendary Model Academy stands poised to not only enhance modeling skills but also foster personal and professional growth, preparing a cohort of confident and successful modeling professionals ready to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

“I truly enjoyed each model workshop I attended. It offered me the opportunity to learn from professionals how to apply skills and techniques into my walks and poses. I was able to learn how to successfully network in a model setting in addition to having proper preparation before entering spaces to network in such as having a portfolio, doing test shoots, and being able to tell a brand how one can elevate their brand. The workshops also allowed me to make connections with fellow models who have similar goals. It is crucial for models to invest in themselves and attend workshops to better oneself,” Kelsey Maclin, a Legendary Model Academy attendee, said. 

Models and designers alike are encouraged to thrive in their creativity, which MCFW accomplished through the Sewing Workshops, an engaging beginner's sewing workshop led by the proficient Sewing Instructor, Sonya Muhammad. This workshop was tailored for novices eager to explore the art of sewing. Participants embarked on a comprehensive journey, learning the fundamentals of operating a sewing machine. Under the expert guidance of Sonya Muhammad, attendees grasped essential skills such as threading the machine, gaining comfort and familiarity with its functions, and initiating simple yet rewarding projects—ranging from alterations like taking in pants to embellishments like adding patches. The workshop ticket ensured a reserved seat for attendees, providing access to a guided sewing lesson and a unique opportunity for networking within a supportive and creative environment.

While the workshops served as a space for specific skills to be honed amongst individuals in the same industry, Creatives Night Out became a melting pot for every type of creative to find their community. Creatives Night Out was a captivating collaboration series orchestrated by local retailers in partnership with MCFW, aimed at spotlighting the magic within our community while fostering a celebration of fashion, art, and community spirit. This series served as a vibrant platform bringing creatives together to showcase their talents and support the local community.

The inaugural event in this year's series featured the esteemed Magic City Mercantile (MCM), a haven for vintage treasures, streetwear aficionados, sneaker enthusiasts, and lovers of custom jewelry. Nestled in the heart of Five Points South, MCM stood as a must-visit destination, embodying the eclectic spirit of the city.

The night included a glass of wine, refreshments, exclusive insights into upcoming MCFW events, and a special treat—a captivating in-store fashion showcase by Magic City Mercantile. This exclusive evening not only celebrated the artistic prowess within our community but also provided an opportunity for attendees to indulge in an immersive and stylish experience while supporting local businesses.

"It was such a joy to be a part of Magic City Fashion Week's Creative's Night Out.  It's exciting to know that there are events like it being hosted for all the creators in the city.  I don't think Birmingham gets enough credit for its style and creative energy and these events are a great reminder that the scene here is alive and well.  The more we can all come together in spaces like Creative's Night Out, the better it will be for every creator in the city.  Birmingham has so much to offer, and it's great to see some of the small businesses showcased in such an awesome way. I hope to have them back for the next round!” Erwin Franklin, owner of Magic City Mercantile, said. 

The Creatives Night Out series continued with part II at d’Trespa Consignment & Vintage, and part III in collaboration with Bridge + Root. All three events encapsulated the hidden gem of the fashion community that Birmingham holds close. 

At Magic City Fashion Week, our commitment to nurturing and uplifting the fashion community in Birmingham remains steadfast. Your generous financial support plays a pivotal role in realizing our mission of empowering creators, designers, models, and all individuals contributing to the vibrant tapestry of fashion in our city. By extending your support, you directly contribute to the cultivation of opportunities, educational initiatives, and events that foster growth and innovation within our local fashion landscape. Your contributions are not just an investment; they are a testament to your belief in the potential and talent within our community. With your continued generosity, we can further our endeavors to elevate and inspire, ensuring a thriving and inclusive platform for all aspiring and established talents within Birmingham's fashion industry. Join us in advancing our shared vision and empowering the next generation of creative minds shaping the future of fashion through the link at the bottom of our website!


As we reflect on the incredible journey of Magic City Fashion Week this year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every community member, supporter, creator, and fashion enthusiast who has contributed to the heart of the Magic City. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in fueling our mission to elevate and celebrate the diverse talents shaping our local fashion landscape. As we venture forward, we invite you to continue being part of our journey by supporting 'The Drop,' our eagerly anticipated clothing line set to unveil soon. Additionally, stay updated with our latest news, events, and releases by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media @magiccityfashionweek. Together, let's continue weaving the magic of fashion in the heart of the Magic City!

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