Emerging Designer's Competition - Part 2

Emerging Designer's Competition - Part 2

Let’s meet SZN IV’s competing designers! We have six talented artists ready to paint the runway with every color of the rainbow. If you didn’t know, Birmingham is full of the brightest, most innovative, and most creative beings in human form. On Friday, June 10th, these humans will compete for a huge prize - $10K and the title of MCFW Emerging Designer Runway Winner. 

Here are our final three designers, ready to compete! These Birmingham implants employ the magic to make sustainability fashion enchantingly spellbound!

James White of The JOW Company 

It takes a high degree of boldness to make the clothes you need to see. James is a self-taught seamstress from West Point, MS, who could not find the right fit or style of clothes in the stores and journeyed to become a designer. He witnesses the same gritty potential in the city that he will display on the runway next month.

Sustainability is the ability to take the expected and make something unexpected. James will use this runway to be his coming of age as he pushes himself to the unexpected. We await the unveiling of James’ talent, his magnetic use of colors and patterns to create wonderment.

Julie Maeseele of Julie Maeseele


Belgium designer Julie Maeseele made Birmingham home in 2014. Per her website, Julie realized the power fashion has to communicate heritage, culture, and history; the power fashion has to express to one another our interests, morals, and beliefs. Her voice in fashion focuses on the sustainability of garments and less on seasonal trends. Julie hopes to bring attention to the root of the garment itself by using recycled materials and sustainable textiles, as well as giving proper credit to the hard work seamstresses and textile workers put in.

Julie’s dedication is admirable. Her perspective brings convincing morality to the runway. 

Rachel Reilly of R^2upcycle Glam 

Rachel’s path to becoming a designer is a graduation from creating upcycled garments in high school. She believes well-made sustainable designs are made from anything, including old t-shirts, decades-old clothes in your closet, or your child’s baby clothes. Rachel carries sustainability throughout her life by reusing water, tending a food garden, and recycling as much as necessary. 

Birmingham’s artistic community surprised the North Carolina native by way of LA the most. Rachel has gained an appreciation for the city’s music, food, and culture. Her love for glitz and glamour will be magical beauty on the runway. 

We are under 4 weeks away from witnessing all the fantastical talent and fashion these designers are ready to unveil! Join us!


Give love. Get love. 

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