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Rest in Plastic: MCFW Kick Off Part I

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Rest in Plastic: The Kick Off Part I
Community Partner: The Pizitz Birmingham
April 27, 2024, 4pm

Experience the powerful message of Rest in Plastic, a two part fundraiser presented by MCFW Inc. that kicks off Season Five of Magic City Fashion Week. Join us during Earth Day week for a captivating showcase on sustainability and the impact of over consumption in fashion. Discover the magic of our community and come together with creatives to celebrate fashion, art, and community while supporting local businesses. Your $50 ticket includes exclusive announcements on upcoming MCFW events, "Slow Fashion" cocktail sponsored by Tito's Vodka, opportunities to get involved, and access to exclusive fashion showcases, presentations, and networking. Don't miss out on this inspiring and impactful event. 

DRESS CODE : Up-cycled Luxe
With a splash of Sky Blue

We also invite you to take part in the The Experiment: Rest in Plastic

As part of our commitment to sustainability and raising awareness about the impact of overconsumption in fashion, we're introducing an engaging experiment during the Rest in Plastic event. We invite all attendees to participate in this unique experience by bringing garments they wish to donate to a thrift store.

How it Works:

  1. Donation Drop-Off: Upon entering the event venue, attendees will be directed to a designated spot on the floor where they can drop their donated garments. This spot will be prominently marked and easily accessible.

  2. Observation Throughout the Night: As the event progresses, attendees and organizers alike will have the opportunity to observe how the pile of donated clothes grows. This visual representation will serve as a tangible demonstration of the scale of clothing waste generated by overconsumption.

  3. Final Showcase: At the end of the night, we will showcase the accumulated pile of donated garments. This serves as a sobering reminder of the environmental impact of our consumption habits.

Optional Purchase Opportunity:

After witnessing the growth of the clothing pile throughout the event, attendees will have the option to purchase items from the pile. By making a minimum donation of $10 to Magic City Fashion Week, guests can take home a piece of clothing that would otherwise contribute to waste.

This experiment not only highlights the importance of reducing fashion waste but also provides attendees with a tangible way to contribute to sustainable practices and support our community efforts. Together, let's make a difference in promoting a more conscious approach to fashion consumption.

If you need more information or have questions, feel free to email us at